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Landscape Lighting

Elevate your Landscape

Install Anchor

Design of Low Voltage Lighting

A good landscape lighting design can completely transform your landscape. Lighting offers functionality to your outdoor space when the sun goes down. Your irrigation system works hard to keep your landscape healthy, why not enjoy it at night too. 


Common Types of Lights

  • Path lights

  • Directional Lights

  • Wash Lights

  • Ground Lights

We use CAST Lighting fixtures and FXLuminaire transformers.


Key Benefits of Lighting

  • Lighting allows you to safely navigate your property in the dark

  • Illuminating features of your landscape can add value to your space

  • Lighting works year round for your landscape

  • Seamless installation alongside irrigation

  • Added security for your property at nighttime 

  • Yes! There is an app for your lighting system

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